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Mar 13, 2009

Road Trip!

This is us keeping Calvin occupied in the car. Unfortunately this was right after we ate at The Hat and Pete was burping so rediculously loud! Thanx Pete. I don't know how to edit videos so here you go...

We had a fun trip. It was fast we were only in California for a couple days to see VOVO and VOVOZINHA. We went to Disneyland and went hiking in the mountains. It was so fun to see them and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Lauren said...

you guys are lucky you live close enough to the vovos for a quick little weekend trip. by the way, your hair looks so cute- are you growing it out? love the hair clip you made.

Grace said...

Thanks you! Yes I'm growing it out. I think it'll take a while, but I am enjoying the stages. It was a much needed trip to see them. I haven't been to their house since I had Calvin. We had a lot of fun. Vovo said he won't be around much longer, but he's been saying that for years(: They are doing good and looking good.