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Jan 14, 2009

They're smarter than you think...

I was getting ready this morning to go run a few errands with Tracy. Mostly just to give Calvin something to do so he wasn't "helping" me put on my make up, I told him to go get his coat. He left and came back with his coat. Then I told him, "Go get your boots." He left again and came back with his boots. The other day I told him to go get some pants, that he couldn't go outside without pants. Lo and behold he got his pants from the 3rd drawer down in his dresser. I never told him where his boots were, (they were by the front door) or his coat (it was on his chair in his room) or the pants. He just went looking around. I'm suprised that either he remembered where they were or he just started to look for them. Either way, I guess he's watching us closer than we think... I better watch my p's and q's.

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Jacelle said...

I need to get up there to see that boy....PS i love that Grace Marie pic