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Jan 15, 2009

Duck Feeding Frenzy

Calvin was so excited to see the ducks and geese. We went last night and had so much fun. Last time we went he was a little hesitant and wanted nothing to do with getting too close. This time he had no fear. He loved feeding them and looking at them close up. Good thing these geese are nice to little ones. He loved stomping his boots in the mud of course! On the way home he took his socks and boots off.


Jacelle said...

hahaha..love the plaid coat. Already a hunter..

Lauren said...

we remember those crazy ducks and geese! i'm glad calvin wasn't scared. avery and kyla would probably still freak out.

T&K SMITH said...

This is the coolest little video I love it! Moments like that you just have to cherish cuz time just flys. Calvin is so cute in his coat and boot's what a cutie. It made my day thx