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Oct 1, 2009

ZOO and Ping Pong..um ...I mean table tennis

So we went to the zoo last weekend mostly to take a break and wear Calvin out while Travis was playing his tennis table tournament. It was an all day event and I needed to get some fresh air since it has just started to cool down. We saw a cute hippo laying in her mud bath. I love how their little ears twirl around in circles. There were about half a dozen Meerkats hanging out which I have never seen so many in real life. It was like watching Meerkat Manor! Calvin loved the Rhino and kept asking about the "guy" that takes care of it. I told him the "guy" feeds him, gives him baths, and drinks, and plays with him. Although I am not sure if a rhino really plays. That's debatable. We had a fun day and got back in time to watch Travis play more table tennis. Travis is improving a lot and having a lot of fun with the guys in his club. Most of them are over 50 and really really good. I think they are really excited for some fresh blood to train. They have been really nice taking him under their wing and showing him the ropes. They loved having Calvin there and they all were eyeing his left hand throwing of the ping pong ball saying oh a south paw!! a lefty!! oh he's got an arm! As much as we miss Pop Pop it is nice to have some older grandpa-like guys around to make Calvin feel super. He has his own paddle and usually just runs with it while he throws the ball...

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Tracy said...

Rhino Caregiver seeks Playdate...LOL