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Jul 29, 2009

I Play Mad Gabs all day long...

We are so glad to be home! Calvin and I went hiking and swimming today. It is so nice to do things outside without dying of the heat. Calvin had fun hiking eventhough we had to lure him to the end with rocks. He got tired at the end and kept sitting down wanting to play with the rocks and sand. Since we have been gone his vocabulary has just exploded. He loves to talk and be heard. It's like I am playing Mad Gabs with Calvin all day. I am listening to his words with a toddler accent. Thinking what? chruck Oh yeah! truck! He loves to repeat his words over and over just to make sure we are listening. A couple of his new big words are tortilla and grandma. I am really excited to play while we are here for just 1 short month before we head to Houston. From Houston we will then go back to Oklahoma until October. Hope everyone is having a fun summer!

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Hethrjem said...

Chruck. Chruck. Chruck! CHRUCK! CHRUCK!

Hey, let's get together next week. Or... there's something called "Craft Lake City" on August 8thish that sounds cool. We should go check it out. So much better than Houston or Oklahoma.