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Aug 25, 2008

We had fun at Becky and Glade's

We experimented with the magic bullet blender, played with the kids, went to the science museum and the cowboy museum. They were so much fun!


Goldburg said...

Your new hair color looks very nice. Calvin walking is so cute- I think he has his hands up because he learned that to walk, you have to have your arms up holding onto daddy's hands. See you soon- we miss you all!!!!

Hethrjem said...

Hey cute auntie! Daryl showed us your new site. It's cute. You're a great photographer! Can't wait till you guys get back! Love ya.

kimber said...

I love your hair color!! and i found your blog!! Do you remeber me i was in your old ward - we were in primary together! now your cute sister in law heather is in our ward and my visiting teacher! make sure you check out my blog! it is great to see pics of you and your cute family -- your little boy is so big hope to hear from you soon!!