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Jun 20, 2008

Catching Up..

I know where have I been?
Well we bought a new house. We settle on the 26th. After paint, floors and cleaning, we'll move in around the 4th. 
Travis started a new job and just left today for Oklahoma City for 10 weeks. 
Calvin got his first shiner two days ago. He's a major busy body and getting around and into everything. His favorite hot spots are remotes, electrical sockets, cameras, phones, strings, and any spots on the floor. He is almost 10 months
Here are some new pics from Andy and Loya's visit on their way up to Skagway.
It was so fun the see the kids play with Calvin and make him laugh. Lily asked me if his dinosaur was a choking hazard. So cute.
Heather's baby is due in about 3 weeks. We are so excited.
Travis is going to be spending the 4th with the Houston Zalits. He does love a good 4th and Dan said they're having BBQ, fireworks and maybe even a beach day.


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